Saturday, June 13, 2009

yea I am still working on this project

the second of the antennas should go up tomarrow with the rebuilt hf mast then expereiment to get the egar I intend to use on the air can realy begin

what is the purpose of the repeater? well one of the function I am looking forward to is that it will have an "autopatch not intot eh comercail phone line althought I hope to enable a line version allowing me to choose that as an option) but into the internal house phone system so the old man can be called by me anytime I want, and since the autopatch allow reverse autopatch on a code the code 911 coming on the house from dad emergency necklace device will allow him access to the air waves any time that he deems an emergency exists (like a fall) he can get on the air and call for help either to msyelf or other ham friends in the area that are willing to help me out by lsitening for dad when I ask them too and either get ahold of us or the authorties or just show up and help him themselves I have been working on peices of it for some time and life has interfered but I hope the have the system on the air by maybe Feild day

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