Thursday, June 18, 2009

well the reapteer has been on the air

I need a duplexer or to get another antenna up high for 2m but since the phones were out today I put it ont e air and asked a few friends to listen if my dad used the reverse autopatch to get on the air (one of the reason for the repeater

dad did put out a call when the phone co came fixed the line and dad was not are to reconect the main lines we win Iron visting my wifes aunt and her brother my father in law since my dad and her aunt do NOT get along I could not take so I left with with a system that he could use. a local ham friend answered dad and drop by and read my nopte of the phones and recencted them for my dad checked to make sure the phone

BTW since the reverse autopatch puts a ringing on the repeater with my id when a ham hit the right tone to bring up this system they become the host of my father as third party traffic.

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